Willie Jackson

Willie Jackson excelled in Football and Baseball throughout his High School years in Austin Texas.  Willie had a promising sports career ahead of him when he was accidentally shot at age 19.   Willie barely survived the gunshot wound which ensured that he would spend the rest of his life as a paraplegic.  Recovering mentally and physically he was aided by wheelchair sports.  In time and thanks to daily conditioning and exercising Willie became a phenomenal wheelchair athlete, who went on to obtain his certification in Therapeutic Recreation. He excelled in wheelchair basketball and was selected to try out for the Men’s USA wheelchair basketball team.  Today Willie is the driving force behind ParaSports.  He coaches the ParaSport Division II & III Basketball teams in national and international competitions.  He dedicates the majority of his time to coaching wheelchair basketball as well as to educating the community about wheelchair sports and people with disabilities. Willie resides in a San Antonio.  He is active in raising funds for ParaSports programs.

Margarito Hernandez (Decease)

Mike was a single parent who lives in Austin Texas with his 2 children. Mike was a truck driver for 20 years when a near fatal accident broke his spine in 3 places. After a lengthy recovery Mike was left a “walking paraplegic”.  After the accident Mike was introduced to wheelchair sports by the owner of a wheelchair store.  He quickly excelled at wheelchair basketball.  He enjoyed teaching the younger wheelchair athletes.  Over 20 years Mike became a household name in the Texas wheelchair basketball community. He passed in March 2020.

Lorenzo Thompson Jr.

Lorenzo Thompson Jr. is lovingly nicknamed “the old man”, due to playing basketball even at age 64.  He grew up in Austin Texas and obtained a Business Degree at Texas Southern University in Houston. He joined the US Navy and enjoyed an administrative position.  Lorenzo became a paraplegic due to a gunshot incident. He relocated to Austin where he became one of the founders of the Texas Paralyzed Veterans chapter.  Although he has retired from playing basketball and lives in Floresville TX, he still consults with various Parasports athletes.